Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More, More, More - Day 2!

Welcome back to Day 2 of our fun little contest week!! I hope you're having as much fun as I am!

Not as long today! And less "ums". ;)

Congratulations Loree Huebner!!! Email me your address please! (lacie0430(at)comcast(dot)net)

 Today's giveaway basket includes:

  • Ooh la la! Keepsake box
  • Dawn Comes Early by Margaret Brownley
  • Lost and Found by Ginny Yttrup
  • The Rose of Winslow Street by Elizabeth Camden
  • Ghirardelli Dark and Raspberry chocolate
  • Stationary set
  • Autumn scented candle
  • $10 gift card to Starbucks

***To be entered to win this "basket" (as I seem to keep calling them), tell me what your favorite TV show was as a child. Leave me your answers in the comments!***

***To earn another entry into my Grand Prize basket at the end of the week, use the link in my sidebar to share this post either on Facebook or Twitter!***

And WRITERS: Don't forget we have so many prizes for you too! If you want to win...
  • A 30 page + Synopsis critique by MacGregor Literary
  • A 3 month membership to Bestseller Society
  • A 1 hour marketing consultation from Author Media
  • 4 Writer's Guides written by The Character Therapist
  • Plus more! Listed on Jennifer Hale's site
...leave either Jenny or myself your book blurb in the comments! And we'll randomly select which prize goes to which author! 

Good luck! And have a marvelous Tuesday!!! :) 


  1. I always loved to watch LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE. I read all the books as well. Just wonderful!!


  2. I loved Saved by the Bell! But I loved Full House, you know I was going to marry John Stamos! :)

  3. Ok really? Macgyver! He rocked the Mullet like no one else!

  4. Cosby Show! I loved when Cliff did his little jazz thing, where he made a trumpet sound with his mouth and danced around with his arms sticking out like a kangaroo's. :)

  5. As a young child, I loved Basil Brush. I showed my kids some episodes, and they loved it. :)

  6. I love everyone's answers, and because I was such a tv addict (still am) I can say LHOTP and Macgyver and Cosby Show and MASH and so many more...but we would race home from school to watch Gilligan's Island every day.

  7. I was a big fan of Saved By the Bell (not only did I watch all the episodes, but also taped most of them on VHS tapes). I also loved Full House for some reason I thought there was something about that family that was just awesome. More than either of those, my favorite was Perfect Strangers. I though Balki and Cousin Larry were hilarious!

  8. First of all, your facebook link does work! I shared your blog with all my facebook friends and hopefully lots of them will check it out! About my fav TV show...I am showing my age, but here goes...AMERICAN BANDSTAND!
    Such an awesome show and loved Dick American icon - America's Oldest Teenager. And how cool, that all the kids who danced were not professionals, but just regular kids like those watching!

  9. My favorite TV show? Well, you're about to see how YOUNG I am! I haven't seen any of the ones in the above comments. :-O My favorite TV show is Robin Hood BBC. Absolutely hands down. Incredible. :-D

    By the way, I am just guessing on the question from the above comments, since your youtube video would not play for me! I wonder why....anyways. If I missed anything, let me know. :-)

  10. As a reader (Can I be both???), my favorite TV show growing up was Little House on the Prairie because I grew up on the mission field and when we came home on furloughs, it was the one show my parents felt safe with us watching! In high school, I got really into the X-Men cartoon - loved Wolverine's angst even back then!

    Fun questions!


  11. Okay. Now I'm going to enter as a writer.

    I have to be honest, though. As a writer currently querying my MS, I've been debating contributing because this just feels so weird to me. Not sure why - I guess maybe because it's one thing to send out queries to specific and intentional people (ie: agents, editors, etc.), it's another thing altogether to just put it out there in the universe. Does that make sense?

    BUT, that being said, here's to bold and daring...

    Juliette and the Monday Man-Dates
    ~(Book 1 in The Gustafson Girls Series)
    Inspirational Contemporary Romance
    Complete at 117,000 words

    Hook: Sometimes driving blind is the only way to find what you’re looking for.

    Min-Syn: When Paul and Simone Gustafson are killed by a drunk driver, the lives of their four daughters change forever. Although raised by loving grandparents, it is the G-4S – the Gustafson Four Society - that holds them together when their differences would tear them apart.
    All grown up now, they are still a force with which to be reckoned as they get together to love, and support, and, if necessary, to intervene.

    Juliette Gustafson is heart-broken after waiting nearly ten years for a proposal that never came. Determining she isn’t “getting over Mike” quickly enough, her three younger sisters come up with The Monday Man-Dates; an intervention plan requiring Juliette to endure a series of remarkably disastrous blind dates. Then Juliette meets the ONE MAN who can right the wrongs in her past and change her future, but will she let herself fall in love with HIM?

    I would LOVE a critique from MacGregor Literary Agency - that would be AWESOME!!!!

    1. Thanks for entering Becky!! It sounds like a fun story!! I remember the first time I posted one of my blurbs on an agents blog...scary doesn't even describe how hard it was for me to hit send. Good for you for being brave!!! Crossing my fingers for you! ;)

  12. I'm a reader! :) My favorite TV Show as a child(wasn't too long ago) was Little House on the Prairie. I still love it!! I used to have whole episodes memorized and have seen each one at least 5 times! Those were the good days. :)

    ~Marissa Marye

  13. My favorite show as a child was Little house on the prairie (still watch it)but we also watched The Walton's and The Brady Bunch too :)


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