Friday, September 21, 2012

Can It Really Be Over? - Day 5

***Don't forget to stop by Jenny Hale's site to enter her final giveaway, too!***

(I apologize for my daughter's entry into the last bit of that recording. I have no idea why she was wearing a beanie. Silly girl!) 

Okay, drum roll, please............................

The winner of my Teacup basket is: 


The winner of my regular keepsake box prize pack is: 

Hannah Joy!

The winner of my Cookie basket is:


Congratulations to my three winners! Don't forget to email me your mailing address so I can get your prizes to you!! (

Today's final prize pack includes:
  • A keepsake box
  • Addison Blakely: Confessions of a PK by Betsy St. Amant
  • A Path Toward Love by Cara Lynn James
  • Love's Reckoning by Laura Frantz
  • Ghirardelli Dark and Sea Salt Caramel chocolate
  • Stationary Set
  • Fall scented candle
  • $10 gift card to Amazon

In order to be entered, answer the question I ask in my video! :) 

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***As a bonus entry to my Grand Prize basket, click over to Jenny's site and tell me what person she'd most like to meet. You'll have to hunt for it a bit on her site...Good Luck!!! :) :) 


  1. Congratulations, winners all! Woo-hoo!

    Lacie, thank you so much for doing this wonderful blog bash. It really has been the bright side, hasn't it?

    One thing I like: I like seeing where or hearing how other authors work - desks, habits, organization, programs, etc.

    One thing I don't care for: Once I've discovered an author, I pretty much already know about your (I say 'your' collectively here - not YOU, Lacie!)book SO please don't keep telling me about it, to tell my friends about it, etc. I LOVE to see links to sites where you're being interviewed, etc., but on your site, as your reader, I'd much rather hear about HOW you author than WHAT you author.

    Does that make sense?

    Thank you again - it's been so nice to get to know you here! I'm stickin' around so you'll be seeing more of me!


  2. I like what Becky wrote above. The don´t bit, I feel the same about.
    I really like "ordered" blogs, that don´t have too many different fonts, colours, shapes and so on. I want to find my way around easily ;). Like here.
    I did subscribe now, since I only found you yesterday :D.
    I like daily life, book blogs, all kind of stuff (but I´m picky with which books - christian, Jane Austen related, women´s fiction, for me).

    And I found the person Jennifer would like to meet - I´d loooove to meet her too. Mary Poppins is one of my favourite movies!

  3. I really enjoy seeing photos on blogs. Photos of their family, vacations, or just something that is interesting to them. I like to see a bright colorful blog, a God themed blog would perk my interest too. Maybe a daily inspirational quote or a scripture or too. Definitely stories of encouragement, faith, and life experiences. I like to see bloggers introduce authors and their books too.
    I'm a new subscriber to your blog. I think it was on Wednesday that I came on board. I found out about you through the blog of Sarah Forgrave. I've enjoyed getting to know a little about you and plan to make many visits back.
    Thank you for your generous giveaways this week!

  4. The person that Jenny would most like to meet is, Julie Andrews.


  5. When I am reading blogs, I look for those that I have something in common with. I am a stay-at-home mom to 2 little ones and anything encouraging that I can read fairly quickly is the best! Also, it helps when the writer of the blog posts regularly. I have found blogs that I loved only to fall away from them because the author hasn't posted anything in 2 to 3 weeks.

    The way I find most blogs is through the recommendations of friends online and shares on Facebook. I have enjoyed reading your blog this week, courtesy of my cousin Sarah Forgrave!

  6. The blogs I continue to return to to read are ones that mix humor into their blog entries and have authors that are passionate about the things they share. I am not a big fan of lists within blogs.

  7. The week has just flown. I've had such a great time & will certainly be sticking around.

    I'm always looking for new authors & their works to add to my reading list. That is how I actually stumbled my way to here. I always appreciate book recommendations. This week, for example, you have highlighted a number of books, so yay!!


  8. Your daughter's so cute! I need to make sure I've followed you over on FB, too!

    Hmmm. I love CONTENT that makes me think. I will read some "how to" writing posts from time to time, but they get a bit repetitious after awhile. I love author interviews that bring new perspective into the writing/publication process. Basically, I just love new perspectives, so if you bring YOURself to your blog, it'll be different from anyone else!

    Enjoyed this bash SO MUCH (brightened my days for sure!). Thanks, Lacie! And I can't find the answer about Jennifer, but I'm guessing it has to do w/meeting someone on broadway?

    Have a great day! Thanks again!

  9. I won! Woohoo! That makes my day. :-D I will email you after I comment.

    Blogs that keep me reading have lots of pictures (I love any kinds of pictures!), passionate posts, especially about our walk with God. I often find I need a little boost with my spiritual life, and I can get that from reading what you wonderful ladies have posted! I also like reading about anything from books to movies to daily life, as long as it's meaningful!

    The one thing I don't like in a blog is hard-to-read print---which is not here! :-D I will definitely continue to be reading your blog. Thanks for this giveaway--I'm so psyched that I won!

    1. I think it's cheating, since everyone has said it, but Mrs. Hale wants to meet Julie Andrews!!! :-D

  10. Content, great photos and LIFE.
    Please don't splash awesomeness everywhere, splash "real".

  11. Jenny wants to meet Julie Andrews! As far as blogs, every one I have ever followed has been recommended by a friend and I like to follow the ones that recommend books to read and have inspirational messages that are down to earth and relate to Moms and Grandmoms of all ages. Enjoyed getting to know you this week!

  12. What I look for on blogs is that there's a nice design and that there aren't any weird pictures or fonts. If it doesn't look professional or doesn't have very much "stuff" on it, then I probably won't be staying for too long. Jenny would like to meet Julie Andrews! :)

    ~Marissa Marye

  13. I love to see blogs of bright colors, where it seems like you're writing TO me. Not all fancy jargin but girlfriend talk. I am partial to EVERYTHING 70's, even our ministry website has 70's backgrounds.

    Jennifer would love to meet Julie Andrews. I felt guilty reading it in one of the above comments so I went looking and found it on her 'about' page just so I could be honest about declaring it!

    Thank You so much for stepping out on faith with your blog & it was nice to meet you!

  14. another wonderful giveaway, lacie...your so generous :)
    and the answer is...julie andrews!

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com


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