Thursday, September 27, 2012

Changes a Comin'

Change is in the air, and it isn't just because it's Fall.

I'm trying a few new things here at THE REAL DEAL...

Beginning in October, I'll have a new Online Book Club feature on my blog. I'm so giddy to try this! There is just something super cool about reading the same book as women all over the place!

Here's how it'll work:
  • At the beginning of each month, I'll choose a new title to read and post it on my site. I hope many of you decide to read the same book with me! (There might even be some more book giveaways in the future.) 
  • We'll take the month to read and jot down some notes, thoughts, etc. 
  • Then on a specified date (at the end of the same month) I'll post a review of the book and we can have a "discussion" in the comments. (Or if I really get things figured out...via Skype. Is that even possible with a group? Who knows...LOL) 
  • And maybe even some Author participation
  • Easy, peasy! 
  • October's book club selection is Love's Reckoning by Laura Frantz. So order yourself a copy or download it on your Kindle...
And finally, I want you all to mark your calendars for the week of October 8-12. Because I'll be hosting Kathi Lipp's 5 Day Husband Project. I'm a big fan of Kathi Lipp and her book, The Husband Project: 21 Days of Loving Your Man on Purpose and with a Plan looks like a great and fun way to surprise our hubby's with some extra special treats and attention. 

So if you're feeling like joining me in this mini-experiment (and I hope you will!) I'll post a homework assignment every day (from the book) and then we'll see if our husband's feel extra loved and appreciated by us at the end of the week. 

Sound fun to you, too? Good! :) I'll post more details on The Husband Project next week!

So what do you think?? Are you in for book club and husband project? I hope so!!! :) 


  1. This all looks fabulous, Lace! And you can Skype via a group! ;) Woohoo!!

  2. Ooo, looking forward to the husband project stuff in particular. :)

  3. I'm in - what fun! Not sure if I can do another book club right now, but I'm always up for lovin' on the hubby.



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