Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Agents and Friendships

I'm excited to announce that the first annual Write to Inspire conference was a huge success! I'm told that next year the conference might be in July as compared to August like it was this mark your calendars now for 2012 if you're near CA or if you just like to travel! We can carpool. :)

I can't believe how much I learned in a day and a half! And not just about the craft of writing (although there was plenty of that) and not just about the publishing industry (lots of that too).

What I came away with more than anything is that...I love Jesus! (Yes, I already knew this but it's nice to feel it deep in your soul when you're not exactly expecting to feel it overmuch.) And I especially love being around other people that love Jesus!

I was beyond impressed with agent Karen Ball. Now, for the record, I knew that Karen was a Christian and I sort of expected her to talk about God a little bit - it was a Christian conference after all. But I was blown away by her fire and passion and depth. God's love just oozed from her every word. I love watching people like that!

One of her workshops was about the importance of literary agents. What they do for their clients, how to find an agent, what to look for in an agent, questions to ask agents and how to catch an agents attention. All good stuff.

But what struck me the most was the relational side of the partnership she has with many of her clients. That probably jumped out at me because I'm a relational person and I hope to one day have a partnership with an agent that goes beyond business. Someone that I can form a friendship with and someone that has God at the center of everything they do and are and represent.

And it got me thinking about CBA agents and their relationships with their clients and I was wondering, if you have a Christian agent, do they just ooze God? Was that a requirement for you or not? Or do they keep business and faith separate? Do you have a friendship with your agent? Do you even want one? Or are sales more important? If you don't have an agent, what are your non-negotiable requirements for one? Share with me!

(The picture is of Karen and her hubby Don. What a great story they have!)


  1. Well, I totally want an agent. I would love it if they infuse our working relationship with God-centered-ness.

  2. One of the highlights of the conference for me was sharing the experience with YOU, Lacie. There were lots of laughs, too, since Karen is such a fun person. And who knew she could sing like that? Wow!


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