Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Observations From A Football Game

Okay, today you're going to learn a few random facts about me.

But first, you need to know I married a sports nut. And that doesn't even marginally describe my husband's obsession with all things sports. To give you a clue to his craziness (in my opinion) before he would propose to me, he made me memorize all 32 NFL football teams, cities and mascots. Nuts, right? (Although at the time it was very cute and somehow flirty...not anymore!)

Fact # 1 - Somehow, in over seven years of marriage to this nut, I have never been to an NFL game. Watched plenty on TV, been to a few pro baseball games (SF Giants = great fun!) and even basketball games (Sac Kings = not fun).

So this past weekend, I surprised (hindsight - ask the sports nut his opinion on whether my surprise idea is even a good idea before I buy the surprise) Chris with tickets to the very first pre-season football game (do any of you even follow football?) between the SF 49ers and the Oakland Raiders. What I didn't know is that the Raiders are known for their...let's say "unfriendly" approach to other teams' fans. I'm told that if you're brave enough to enter into the Raider stadium you'd better not be wearing the opposing teams jersey.

Fact # 2 - I live in a bubble. Probably a self constructed bubble but a nice, white-picket fences, daisies on my doorstep, bunnies and rainbows bubble. I love my bubble. It's safe and clean and marijuana free.

Quote from hubby during the game: "Well, if nothing else, at least you can say you now know what weed smells like." Thanks, dear.

Fact # 3 - Sometimes I just want to be comfortable. During a sporting event, I usually opt for jeans, a t-shirt and tennis shoes. Maybe, if I'm feeling "groupie-ish" I'll add a jersey or a baseball cap. Nothing special, nothing fancy. Mainly I dress for comfort during a game.

I could not believe how much black eyeliner I came face to face with at this football game. Skinny jeans, Uggs, designer handbags, 4 inch heels and prom style hairdo's. What! Where the heck are we? At a game or on the runway? I've never felt like such an ugly duckling before. I was way under-dressed. Next time I go to a game, I'll know you're supposed to wear a cocktail dress with a very uncomfortable looking G-string.

Fact # 4 - Devastation and poverty bring me to my knees. All kidding aside, the stadium we visited was in a very bad part of San Francisco. The homeless, including one very sad looking child, were swarming the tail-gate area collecting the mountain of cans and bottles. The homes in the nearby areas are run down shacks with bars on the windows.

While I was looking down my nose at the deplorable housing, Chris informed me that a single mom living in this area would be fighting desperately to secure one of those houses to live in. It's easy to see how a persons environment as a child plays into who they become as an adult. (In case you haven't the end of this particular football game there were two shootings and numerous arrests. During the game itself, hubby and I saw at least 10 fist fights and many people taken out of the stands in cuffs.)

Fact # 5 - I tend to hold grudges. On the way home, Chris kept assuring me that this isn't what a typical 49er football game is like. He even went so far as to say, "Next time you want to surprise me, please don't." I'm not sure if or when I'll ever feel like visiting that stadium again. Even with my man's assurance that "it's just the stupid Raiders", I'm not too keen about going back.

So you can guess my reaction when half way home, Chris says, "I can't wait to bring Cody to his first game." Yeah right dude! Over my dead body!

Are you a sports fan? Do you attend games regularly? Who are your favorite teams? Have you head about the mess after this particular game?


  1. Eek! That sounds crazy. I've never been to an NFL game. We used to go to the OU games, but they were much more low key.

  2. Oh, I'm sorry it wasn't a good experience. I'm a crazy sports fan, and I loathe the Raiders with a white-hot passion. :)

    I've been to football games (KC Chiefs and MN Vikings) and they've both been very positive experiences. I've been to more MLB games than I can count. Mostly KC Royals, but also StL Cardinals.

  3. Ooo, I LOVE me some football! I watch most college games and practically all professional games on TV. I live in WI so we're all Packer fans here. Yay Super Bowl Champs!

    I've actually never been to a live game though. For us we're sold out until something like 80 years from now. So if you want your kids to have tickets you have to put your name in now... You have to know someone who has tickets to get in.

    I heard about that mess. To think people do that over a sporting event. It's just sick.

    Sorry you had such a bad experience.

  4. Lacie, I love how you tried so hard to plan a special surprise for your sweetie and am sorry the game didn't turn out to be what you'd expected. I heard about that game on the news. So sad. But it really is an exception. They're not all like that. Not that I know from personal experience, though, since my hubby and I aren't big sports fans. I'm glad you got home safely and trust that you'll have more positive sporting experiences in the future.

  5. ROFL!!

    My husband is in FOUR fantasy football leagues. I've tried to get him to explain the game, but he always hushes me and tells me he'll fill me in later. Whatever.

    I don't get the game, but I've traveled with him to all the stadiums he's wanted to see, including baseball stadiums. We've even been as far as Boston.

    I used to hate football season because I lost my husband. Now, I beg for football season so I can write!

    He's always buying me and the kids jerseys, jackets, shorts...

    I am partial to my pink Chicago Bears jersey, but only because it's pink.

    LOVED your story! PS you can get second-hand high. I know. If you were giggling at the fights by the end of night, you might have been high!!!

  6. LOL this was hysterical - loved it. Although, i'm with you on attire to sporting events. :) bring on the baseball caps!

  7. I'm a total RAIDER HATER and have been since I was a kid because we're big Denver fans and they're rivals (well, actually it seems like everyone is a Raiders rival).

    I've been to several NFL games with my dad (including at Raider stadium where we were about the only ones brave enough to wear orange).

    One day you'll laugh at this.... Well, maybe.


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