Thursday, August 4, 2011

Getting To Know You...

I just finished watching The King and I with my kids. Do you remember this old Rogers and Hammerstein movie?

I love all the fun songs and the beautiful costumes. And the love story is so subtle, as a kid, I missed it completely. But watching it today made me tear up in between my kids' crazy giggling every time the King said, "etcetera, etcetera, etcetera".

One of the songs in the movie is all about getting to know someone new so I thought it would be fun to get to know all of you a bit better.

Answer all or one. I just wanna know YOU! :)

Flip flops, tennis shoes or heels?

Old movies or modern flicks?

Beach or mountains?

Sweet or salty?

Clean or cluttered?

Tent or hotel?

Salad or steak?

Quiet or loud?

Thoughtful or impulsive?

Eat out or eat in?

Up early or up late?

What is one of your biggest dreams?

Here's to getting to know you all!


  1. I LOVE The King and I. I played Anna in our high school musical. So much fun!


    1. Tennis shoes, unless its really hot.
    2. Modern flicks
    3. Beach
    4. Both (Chocolate covered pretzels are my fav!)
    5. Clean
    6. Hotel (though camping every once and a while is fun...)
    6. Steak w/ a side salad ;)
    7. Loud
    8. Impulsive
    9. Eat Out (I'm a horrible cook)
    10. Up early (I work out at 5:30am)
    11. Biggest dream: to be a published author

    What are your answers to these? :)

  2. I saw the one with Jody Foster. That is the right one, isn't it? Oh this historical stuff! :)

    1. Flip flops
    2. Mostly modern, but I have a love affair with Carey Grant (yeah, I know he was gay) and It Happened One Night is one of my favorites.
    3. Beach
    4. Salty
    5. Clean, clutter gives me chills.
    6. Cabin?? With air-conditioning.
    7. Steak I. Love. Red. Meat.
    8. Me? I'm loud. But I like quiet.
    9. Impulsive, but I didn't really think that through, so... ;)
    10. In, mostly.
    11. Up early. I'm an early bird.
    12. Publication and to help finance more homes for girls rescued from India's brothels. And to go there--India.

    Fun post today, Lace. Why didn't you answer them? We wanna know YOU!

  3. Morning everyone!

    Kelley, how fun that you played Anna. Did you ever want to be an actress?

    Jess, you completely ruined my morning! I didn't know that Carey Grant was gay! No fair! :)

    Okay, here's my answers:
    1. Flip flops
    2. Old movies
    3. Beach
    4. Sweet
    5. Clean with a touch of clutter (in certain spots)
    6. Hotel (5 star please)
    7. Steak
    8. Loud - but it takes me a while to warm up to new people
    9. Impulsive
    10. I love to eat out!
    11. Up early
    12. To live the life God has for'd be nice if I knew what that was! :)

  4. Fun questions!

    1. Tennis Shoes. Weak ankles and don't like things between my toes, so that rules out high heels and flip flops.

    2. Old movies. John Wayne, baby!

    3. Neither. The open prairie. I'm a Kansan through and through.

    4. Sweet. Chocolate. Milk Chocolate.

    5. Clean. I get too distracted by clutter.

    6. Hotel. This little princess doesn't camp.

    7. Steak. Card-carrying carnivore.

    8. Quiet. Hard to read or write if it's too noisy.

    9. Yes to both with a slight leaning toward impulsivity.

    10. Eat out. I don't like cooking very much.

    11. Up late.

    12. Biggest dream? Make a lot of my little dreams come true and add them up to make a big dream? :D

  5. Flip flops, tennis shoes or heels? Never, ever heels!

    Old movies or modern flicks? I like to mix it up. Both suit me just fine.

    Beach or mountains? Toughie... Probably the beach.

    Sweet or salty? As Joey Tribbiani once said, "Put your hands together."

    Clean or cluttered? I'm not a fan of clutter, though I can't seem to eliminate it entirely. I like tubs. I put stuff in tubs.

    Tent or hotel? Well, considering I'm still picking smoke colored boogers from our recent camping trip, I'll go with hotel. But, I don't mind tents if my family is all snuggled around me.

    Salad or steak? Meat!

    Quiet or loud? Both. Definitely both.

    Thoughtful or impulsive? Thoughtful. Too neurotic to be impulsive, except about road trips. I'll jump in a car and drive away any time of the day or night.

    Eat out or eat in? If I say out will you judge me?

    Up early or up late? I'm good between 9am and 7pm. :)

    What is one of your biggest dreams? I'm blessed to be living it. My family is healthy and whole and I just landed a 3-book deal with my dream publisher.

  6. I'm a day late, but I'll chime in.

    1. Birkenstock sandals in the summer; cute black leather ankle boots in the winter.

    2. Modern movies that are period pieces, such as BBC's North and South.

    3. Mountains. I love living in the Sierra Foothills with the majestic peaks in the distance.

    4. Sweet, although I don't indulge very often these days.

    5. I love clean, but all too often I'm surrounded by cluttered.

    6. Hotel.

    7. Salad.

    8. Quiet, unless I'm one-on-one with a person I know and like. (Just wait until you see how much I can talk when we're roomies at the ACFW conference, Lacie. =)

    9. Thoughtful in most things, but unfortunately impulsive when shopping.

    10. Eat out. I don't like to cook.

    11. Up late, although I've been waking earlier this past year.

    12. One of my biggest dreams was to see my name on the cover of a traditionally published book, a dream that is going to come true in July 2012. =)

  7. Shannon, congratulations on your three-book deal! How exciting.

  8. Oh, can't I have it all? I love sweet and salty (especially mixed together like cashew chocolate cake). Definitely flip flops. New movies ( I rarely re-read or re-watch something twice). Eat out for sure.

  9. Oh my gosh yes. I still want to be an actress. :) We can keep dreaming right?

  10. Oh! And I should let you know that I chose you for the Liebster Award. :) Stop on by so you can claim it!

    Thanks so much for sharing such a great blog with us!


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