Thursday, September 1, 2011

TV Re-do

Back in May I blogged about shutting off my cable and how I wasn't sure if I'd survive the ordeal.

I had lofty ideas about how I could better use my time if the TV distraction wasn't available.

I made it three months. Not too bad. But yesterday as I sat in my kitchen while the Comcast cable guy re-hooked up our cable box (Thank you, Jesus!) I couldn't help thinking about how much I was looking forward to some nice, quiet evenings alone with my TV and maybe a scoop (or two) of cookie dough.

My mind began to wander as I thought about all the shows I would get to catch up on.

I'm not a dark and edgy person so you won't catch me watching anything vampire or murder mystery. But man, I love a good reality show...and food! Cupcake Wars, Iron Chef America, Survivor, Bachelor, Shark Tank are some of my favorites.

As I channel surfed with my sparkly new remote my attention was drawn to a show called Hoarders. Have you seen this show? Wow! And I'm not sure how I mean that "wow" exactly. The show is gross and complicated and heart-wrenching and frustrating to watch. I was yelling at my TV almost the entire time, "It's trash! Just throw it away already!"

Take a person, add some type of emotional issue, toss in several tons of stuff and sprinkle with a generous helping of rodents, bugs and mold and you have the makings of a very disturbing hour.

I shudder when I watch. But I still watch. I can't help it!

Are you a hoarder to some extent? Do you know a hoarder? Are you drawn to these types of shows? Why do you think some people struggle with collecting "things"?


  1. Survivor buddy! Yay!!

    Not a hoarder. If I haven't used it in the last six months, I seriously consider tossing it...which becomes a problem every July or so when I eyeball my Christmas decorations in boxes in the basement. "Do I REALLY need these? They're just sitting here gathering dust!"

  2. I watch Hoarders, but I don't know why. It makes me so sad for the hoarders and their families. I don't think I could ever convince my husband to give up cabel because of the college football and the hunting shows.

  3. Erica, I'm just like you. I really hate clutter. Sometimes I get a little over eager and toss things that I realize I need later. Oh well!

    And when is Survivor starting again? :)

    Julie, it's totally sad, huh? Especially the ones where the hoarders are little old ladies that don't completely understand what's happening. P.S. I get the husband thing! The reason the cable is back is because of hubby and football season! LOL!)

  4. I watched Animal Hoarders and it broke my heart. I wrote a post about hoarding.

    I think if we don't hoard things, like old letters, cards, plastic butter tubs (why? why?) we'll hoard things inside our life that keep us spiritually cluttered.

    And if you don't watch Vampire Diaries, something is very wrong with you! LOL

    What if it was a Vampire Cowboy show? Then would you watch? :)

  5. I had a uncle who was a hoarder. He saved everything, even burned out light bulbs. He insisted they'd think of a way to reuse them one day. I felt for my cousins when they had to clear out their father's place after his death.

    I'm not a hoarder in most cases. What trips me up are the sentimental things. I used to keep every letter and birthday card. I've gotten better as the number of years I've lived has grown and the square footage of our house hasn't. =)

  6. I've seen Hoarders before but I'm not that into reality TV. I'm a fan of Bones, Fringe, Glee, White Collar, Rizzoli and Ilse. Hmmm, I guess most have a 'who done it' type thing to them. Except Glee. But I mainly just watch it for the singing numbers :)

    I am not a Hoarder. I'm like you Lacie. I tend to throw things away that I wish I wouldn't have. Oh well!

  7. I have trouble letting go of stuff that you know I might just someday need again, but I'm not a diehard hoarder. Thank you, Lord! I do know when to clean out those cupboards, they may take a while to get through, but eventually purge it is.

  8. My husband and I saw one of those shows and we were both yelling at the TV--get rid of it!

    It's hard to understand from the outside. It's so disgusting. But I definitely see how it's an illness.

    We've been married 10 years and never had cable (not to make a point, just because we're cheap), but we definitely watch the main channels from our antenna. Can't wait for Modern Family to come back on!


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