Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just Curious...

When you submit your work, who do you find brings out your anxious tendencies the most? Knowing everyone is going to have some judgement of your writing, who do you want to like it the most?

~ Agents

~ Editors

~ Readers


  1. All three are important, but readers wins for me, hands down. If my readers don't like it, then I've missed the point.

  2. All three! Whoever has it in their hands at the time! :) but I agree with Katie, ultimately, the reader!

  3. I want my agent and editor to see the promise in my stories and to view them as marketable, but they don't necessarily have to love my stories and characters the way I hope readers do. Readers rock!

  4. Is "All Three" an acceptable answer?

    Actually, the answer depends on where you are in the writing process. Agent first, because that's how to get an editor to see it. Then if the editor likes it, readers will see it.

    Though, as everyone else has said, ultimately the readers come first. If lots of readers love your work, trust me, agents and editors will love it too. :)

  5. Morning ladies! Thanks for your comments.

    So, you've all mentioned readers as being the most important. Here's another you have a story that you've gotten great feedback on from readers/CP's but haven't been able to sell it to agents/editors?

  6. Yes. Lacie. Still working on that! I think the reason is that our beta readers/CPs may really like ours, but agents/editors see hundreds of books. So even though yours might be good, they may have something else on their desk that is better.
    Now, if a writer can't even get it to a point where your beta readers and CPs like it, you probably still have more work to do :)

  7. I can't even think about. It makes me a nervous wreck. When I knew my first book had been mailed to all the readers in the bookclub, it made my stomach clench...but it was absolutely awesome at the same time. :)


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