Thursday, January 10, 2013

Would You Survive?

Take today's post for what it is: a bit of hypothetical silliness! :)

I find the below photo very interesting. (I have no idea if it's accurate. Guess I could have looked it up, but...) 

Photo found on the Homesteading/Survivalism Facebook page
I'm always so curious about farming and what it would have been like living without modern conveniences. Which is probably why I love to write stories set in a time period other than my own. The research is fascinating! 

I don't know...what do you think? Could you have survived if you had to wander out to your field to scrounge up every meal? It's funny to think about, but come along for a moment. If supermarkets suddenly disappeared, would you be able to survive? What would you miss most about your local grocery store? And what, do you suppose, would you enjoy most about living off the land?

Happy almost Friday! :) 

**I devoured Submerged, loved it! And can't wait to share my thoughts! 


  1. Well, most of me wants to say, "I'm screwed." But if that was the ONLY way I'd ever known then I'd probably survive since I hadn't been spoiled to anything else.

    My personality says I'd probably whine about it regardless and say things like, "There's got to be a better way!" LOL

  2. I think I could survive. I grew up in a country home with a 1/2 acre garden, apple orchard, pond to fish in, cuttin' wood for winter, bow huntin' in the fall, type-of family. And my DH and I go camping for a relaxing vacation... and not in a camper but in an actual tent or sleeping in the flatbed of a truck. And considering I know how to make good coffee in a pot over an open flame ... yeah, I'd be good. And just think--putting on a baseball cap and no makeup - SAWEET. Gosh. I'm such a redneck.

  3. I'd probably just ask my friend to show me how to garden, if I absolutely had no other choice. But yeah...glad I do have a choice! Ha!

  4. I think I'd do fine. We had four kids so we could make them weed the garden and move the lawn. HAHAHA! Kidding. It wouldn't bother me to live on a farm and grow everything. I'd probably pass out without the internet though....


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