Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mom Thoughts

I'm going to be an Aunt! Again! One of my sisters is expecting her first baby. A precious little girl whose gender was revealed to us on Christmas day with a large box of pink balloons. It was so fun to wonder and guess, and revel in the excitement of new life all over again.

It makes me all misty eyed, because...

...I was born to be a mom! No other career choice held any sort of weight or passion. In fact, I knew at a very young age that motherhood was something that God specially crafted into my being.

Kindergarten, 1986 - Proof of my desire...and bad handwriting.
As a child, my mom kept a "School Years" book for each of our yearly accolades, grades, photos, etc. But the thing I remember the most about filling out the pages each year with my mom was the question at the very end that said, "when I grow up I want to be..."

Without fail, from kindergarten through 8th grade (which is when that particular question ended) I would check the box marked Mother. And then I'd have to sign my name declaring that I had chosen that path.

It was fun! But it was also a sign of things to come. Because even as I grew, motherhood never drifted far from my mind. Even in high school and my young adult years, I would long for the day when the joy of being a mommy would be mine.

I was beyond eager!

So I love that my sister is experiencing all this mommy stuff for the first time. It's the best kind of adrenaline rush of emotions.

The other day I told my sister to go and complete her baby registry. "Have fun", I texted her and my brother-in-law as they drove to Babies R Us. Because who doesn't like shooting that little registry gun at all the adorable baby stuff? I know I had a blast...a five hour blast if I remember correctly, but I'm a shopper by nature. ;)

So I was surprised when I spoke with her later. Her response was that the experience was "overwhelming". It didn't quite compute for me. Although part of that problem was probably going with her hubby. (Guys just don't get that kind of thing.) She should have taken me!

All this mom and baby talk has me wondering what kind of motherhood experience you had.

So please share with me: Are you a mom? When did becoming a mother hit your radar? And were you overly eager like I was, from a very young age, or were you overwhelmed? Somewhere in between? What adjective would you put on your past (or future) mommy experience?


  1. What is a paylady? I see you've written that and K-5 in 86??? Sigh. :)

    I always loved dolls and babies and babysitting but I wasn't sure I wanted any of my own until I met my husband. I knew I wanted to be married and I wanted to be involved in the ministry, but being a mom wasn't my number #1. I probably would have marked something else, like a teacher or a lawyer, on my card. lol
    After marrying my husband, we knew we wanted two children. Never had big dreams for a large family. And we're not. But we're happy and I love being a mom. My kids blow my mind in good ways, mostly, every single day and I'm so glad that God laid having them on my heart!

    Congrats to your sister!

    1. LOL I believe what I was trying to express was a cashier, but it came out 'paylady'. As you can tell, I had lofty dreams as a child. ;)

      Kids definitely shake up life, that's for sure...and, bonus! Yours make you laugh constantly! And us, thanks to the wonders of FB!

  2. I admit it...I've always felt like the oddball. Many of my friends growing up wanted the same thing as be a mom. I have always wanted kids, but it was never this big driving need. Instead, I've always been focused more on academics and career success (not that I have a glamorous career, but I'm more talking about my writing). My husband and I have been married 6 years and still don't have kids (though we married at 21 and 22), but we both got our graduate degrees in that time and I've been doing the writing thing. For a long time, I was really fearful of losing my identity in other ways once becoming a mom, since it's so all-encompassing. But I know many ladies who write and do the mom thing, and I know my mindset will shift when I actually have kids.

    1. You bring up many valid points here, Lindsay! The identity "crisis" happens to a lot of younger moms. I know I went through that phase too. Hard times...

      It's funny...I never did the college thing (I don't count my short stint in beauty school. Cue Grease music!). Not sure why, I just don't remember college ever being something we talked about as a family when I was young. But I can tell you this...even though I have loved my path, and even though when I look back and see where I might have changed some of my choices...I can't find a single one. I love that I am now reaching this new phase of me-time as my kids are getting older--I feel like the world is opening up! Thankfully God knows each of our paths and has them worked out specifically for us.

      (Another thought, for what its is something I talk about A LOT with my girls! LOL)

      Thanks for your comment!!

    2. Hope you know I wasn't saying anything bad about someone who doesn't go to college. :)Like you said, everyone's path is different.

    3. Of course! I wasn't offended at all by your comment! I hope my comment didn't come across as defensive...I was trying to be funny. :)

  3. We have four kids, by February 11th they will be:22, 19, 15 and 10.
    I was scared WITLESS of being a mom, until one day a light went off in my head and it was "must procreate NOW!!". Good thing I was married!!
    A good Mommy (and Daddy) adjective?


    Past, present and future.


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