Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Questions...

Four simple questions today...

1. Do you usually dress up for Halloween?

2. What are your kids dressing up as this year?

3. What was your favorite Halloween costume as a child?

4. What type of candy do you pray is in your child's candy bucket? :)

(My answers: I never dress up. Darth Vader, Cinderella, Tinker Bell. Rainbow Bright. Reese's )

Have a fun and safe Halloween everyone!


  1. 1. I don't dress up.
    2. My son is going to be a monkey.
    3. My favorite costume was a cat. (although, Rainbow Bright sounds awesome!)
    4. Smarties or Laffy Taffy

  2. 1. I sometimes dress up. This year I'm the yellow Wiggle.
    2. My oldest is the blue Wiggle, my youngest is the red Wiggle (and hubby rounds out the group as the purple Wiggle.)
    3. My 50's poodle skirt costume.
    4. Chocolate--Snickers, Almond Joy, Reeses, Hershey's, whatever. I don't discriminate against chocolate.

  3. 1. I always dress up. This year won't be the same since DH will be on a plane flying far away. So since he's going to be flying...I'm going as Lois Lane.

    2. Iron Man and my daughter is too old this year. We will be fighting over Myles' bag!

    3. Clown, but only b/c the make-up itched so bad I couldn't stand it.

    4. Chocolate!

  4. We usually have friends over for Halloween, since neither of our families is much into the dressing up and trick-or-treating. But my favorite costume from when I was a kid was a hobo outfit. And I love red licorice.

  5. Our church holds a Harvest Festival. For years now my family has run the fishing booth. I love stocking the pond each year and hearing the kids' joy when I toss the toys over the top of the booth. Some years I dress up in my hippie costume, but often I don't bother since I spend most of the night inside the booth being the "fish."

  6. I don't dress up, unless my husband makes me wear the cowgirl hat he bought for me several years ago. No, we are not cow-people. Yes, he bought it just for Halloween.

    My kids are going to be a race car driver and a zebra (mostly because those are the costumes I got for free). :)

  7. Only my youngest still goes out. She's being a nerd this year.

    I don't dress up for it. And I think I liked Little Red Riding Hood the best.

    Anything with peanuts in it is what I go for!

  8. I don't dress up. My little girl is going to stay home this year because I am too wiped after work (expecting baby #2) to traipse around town. SO! It's a Starburst buffet for supper - that'll make a 2 yr old happy! :)


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