Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Few Halloween Pictures

Halloween decorations in our neighborhood were a bit over the top for my kids this year. Did you notice this in your area? Lots of scary moving parts or figures, fog machines, cackling witches and other terrifying objects had my kids refusing to walk up to certain houses.

Maybe it was the Monday night that felt off. I don't know. But Halloween felt...darker...somehow.

Anyway, here are a few pics of the kiddos before they were scared out of their wits. (I'm fully expecting nightmares tonight. Bummer - I'm really tired and could use some uninterrupted sleep. Not tonight...)

Did you have a good Halloween? Did you notice more "aggressive" decorations this year? Are you happy with your kids' candy loot? (Even the candy doesn't feel as great this year!)


  1. Your kids look adorable. My little guy didn't make it to a lot of the houses in our neighborhood either. He got a little spooked by some of the costumes and the decorations. Honestly, our family had more fun sitting out on our front porch and handing out candy to other people.

  2. Three little cuties! Halloween felt off this year because of being on a Monday night. I kept forgetting all day that it was Halloween.

  3. Cute costumes, Lacie! I held down the fort and handed out candy while my hubby took the kids trick-or-treating, so I didn't see all the decorations. But he did say there were plenty of houses and people that spooked my son out.

  4. What fun costumes!

    We live near a neighborhood where kids come from miles around to go trick-or-treating, so we rarely get anyone at our door. Other than our darling little neighbor girl and one group of teens, all was quiet.

    I've noticed two trends in recent years. Older kids no longer seem to see trick-or-treating as childish the way teens did when I was a kid. Many more people get into decorating for Halloween than they used to.

  5. So cute! I love the little proud stance and face on your Tinker Belle! :)

  6. They are so precious, Lacie!

    As we were crossing the street to trick-or-treat at a neighbor's house (our last stop about 8 pm) a teen/young person walked toward us in a freaky mask, dragging an ax. He got VERY close. All I could think was, "if this joker scares my kids or says one word to them, I'm going to do something productive with that ax."
    I also saw a teen dressed in a hoodie & ski mask, carrying a trash bag. I don't think he was trick-or-treating as much as robbing people.
    I can't stand it when people think it's cool to scare little kids on Halloween night. It becomes a real "mama bear" moment for me.


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