Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Results - Questions 2 & 3

Today I'm revealing the results to questions 2 and 3 from my online survey regarding our online habits.

I expected the winning answer to question 2 to be a popular choice but I was surprised that it took the cake, so to speak.

I asked:

What draws you to certain sites/blogs regularly?

- I know the blogger/blogger is a personal friend
- Blogger always posts helpful information
- There's something intriguing about the site/blogger
- Routine/loyalty
- Funny/uplifting
- Searching for specific information

The most popular answer was...drum roll please...can you guess it?? YES! Something intriguing! Did you guess correctly?

I don't know why I'm so surprised by this. I was sort of thinking the winner would be 2 or 6. Or something pertaining to wanting to read about what interests you.

Instead, this just proves that social media is indeed SOCIAL! We are all about people and their creative takes on any given subject - even a subject we might not care that much about.

"Content is King", "It's not about you". Do you believe this? Or will you admit that you visit blogs that hold no value for you other than there's just something about the blogger that you like...maybe their hair, or their humor, or their pictures, or their voice. Or maybe it's the other way around. Maybe you're totally intrigued by some other irritating nuance and you just have to confirm regularly that, yup...still not a fan.

I will shamefully admit that there are a few blogs I visit often that do nothing for me other than to answer the question, "what did so-and-so write about today?". These are the blogs I never comment on. I just drop see. But, for whatever reason, they do have the intrigue factor in their favor.

Question 3 was:

Do you prefer the blogs you love to be...

- Longer, meatier posts/information
- Short, sweet and to the point
- I like both. Mix it up some.

This one was split. Half of you said short and sweet and half of you said mix it up. So head's up to all you long winded folk. :)

What do you think? Do you agree with the results from my survey? Is intrigue your biggest pull to certain blogs? How do you interpret the results from question 2?


  1. That's funny. I participated in your survey, but I'm pretty sure I didn't pick that one. Of course, now I can't remember what I DID pick, LOL! Interesting results, though. Good for all of us bloggers out there to know what resonates.

    Have a good day, Lacie!

  2. I think I voted intriguing and I know I said mix it up!

    I noticed my Wednesdays have more traffic (not always comments) than Mondays or Fridays and generally Wednesdays are my longer posts.

    I have a particular blog I lurk at because I always wonder what he's going to write. I pretty much never agree and think he's...well anyway, he wins I guess since he draws me with about every wretched post. :)

    Happy Tuesday, girlfriend!

  3. Very interesting! That's exactly what I said so I guess I'm one of the pack :)

    Thanks so much for sharing these!

  4. I've slept since then, but I think that's what I chose too. I'm pretty sure I chose short posts. I'm a fan of short posts - when writing them and reading them. :)


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