Friday, October 12, 2012

The Husband Project - Day 5

Yay! We made it to Friday! Anyone feeling a tad closer to their hubby than they did on Monday? :)

I gotta say my guy and I were on a pretty good playing field to begin with so the improvement was almost unnoticeable.

But I did notice something...

He knew I was doing this experiment on my blog this week, but even knowing about it, I could tell he was a tad excited to see how I was going to spoil him each day. It was kind of like a little game we played...and the anticipation is almost always the best part. Very fun for both of us!

Although, true to his goof ball nature...yesterday he got a bit lippy and gave me a list of his favorite foods that I was to make for him. "It's your homework, isn't it?" I let it go, but only because I was in such a good mood. ;)

So here's our final task...and it's a good one!

Project #5

Text or E-mail Some Sweet Nothings

“I turn on my computer. I wait patiently as it connects. I go online. My breath catches in my chest until I hear three little words, “You’ve got Mail.” I hear nothing, not a sound on the streets of New York. Just the beat of my own heart… I have mail, from you.”
Meg Ryan as Kathleen Kennedy in “You’ve Got Mail”

Your Project:
Send a flirty text or e-mail to your husband.

Getting Creative:
Use an e-card service ( or to send a cute and flirty note.

Don’t know how to text? Ask any teenager in the general vicinity. Most phones have a camera feature where you can send a photo message. Be sure to keep it G rated so that he doesn't get in trouble at work.


And that's it! That wraps up our fun week of hubby homework. I hope our experiment has been helpful in your marriage or at the very least, a fun realization that making our guys feel loved and special takes minimal effort...and sometimes it's actually kinda fun! :)

If you would like to continue The Husband Project (a 21 day project) pick up your copy here! And happy reading!!

Share with me: What did you think of this week? Did you notice a difference in your man, small or otherwise? Do you have any ideas of your own on how you might continue our project over the weekend?? 

Thank you to the brilliant Kathi Lipp for writing such a needed and lighthearted book full of great advice! And for allowing us to have a taste of her encouraging suggestions. I know they've been a help to me and I'm sure the others that participated would say the same!!! 

Thanks to all of you for stopping by this week and playing along! I had a blast!! :) 


  1. My husband has had a lot of fun with this project this week. :) I told him what it was all about, and he's been a willing victim. :D

    Off to send him and email now... :D

    1. My husband has played the totally willing card as well! :) Thanks Erica for playing along with me all week! You're such good company!

  2. How did I miss this blog all week??????????? So cool!! Although if I text email sweet nothings my DH calls me to ask what's wrong and if i'm okay. LOL married to logical man apparently there logically has to be something wrong if I'm feelign sappy. I love it! LOL

    1. We missed having you share your stories Jaime!! LOL The logical response was what I got after day 1 of this project-- "What's going on?" ;) Men crack me up sometimes!

    2. I told my husband about your husband asking "What did you buy?" and he cracked up. Said that was a totally logical question in the face of coddling-out-of-the-blue. :)

  3. I loved focusing on being a better wife and spoiling my hubby. I still need to make him his favorite treat, but the others were fairly easy and not too strenuous. Funny how something small can go a long way!

    1. That's exactly what I learned this week too, Lindsay! The small simple things make a difference! Thanks for joining me this week! :)

  4. Sometimes, when I flirt text...I send it to the wrong number. So I try to NOT do that. :) sigh.

    1. In that case, I'll echo Kathi and encourage you to keep whatever you send G rated! LOL (That is one of my biggest fears with technology! Haha!)

  5. I agree, hooray for Friday! Flirting with my hubby, yes, a good idea, I'm thinking. Thanks for the inspiration!

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