Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nervous Jitters, Radio Silence, and Happy Halloween!

I'm a bundle of nerves! I can't think clearly for longer than ten minutes. My mind keeps wandering from any given task back to how quickly the clock seems to be ticking down...reaching for Thursday! Doomsday. Also known as the kickoff to NaNoWriMo.

I'm as ready as I can be...I think. I'm all plotted out. I know where I'm going, or at least where I think I'm going. I've got nothing left to do but wait and jot down random ideas that occur to me.

So to fill the time, I've been trying to Spring clean my house. Don't ask me why. Apparently, I'm literally going to die from this next months task, and I don't want to suffer any humiliation in Heaven as I witness my relatives rummaging through my junk-filled house. (Who thinks like this??)

It's gotten a bit silly the last few days. My family would probably label me crazy and mad instead of my nicer word choice. But, really, I had my kids Clorox-wiping door frames full of fingerprints at 8:00pm the other night--granted they were their dirty fingerprints, but...I think the term crazy just might fit.

**Beginning next week, my poor little blog will be entering a Radio Silence phase. (I will still announce my November book club title on Thursday the 1st and we'll still be reviewing said book in the comments at a date to be specified later! Actually, I'm really excited about the next come back in two days and grab yourself a copy and read along with me!!!) During the month of November, I'll be devoting all my free time, and much of my not-free-time to writing so I won't be updating my blog or hanging around Facebook as much. Who am I kidding? I don't think anyone could label my social media usage as "much". :) But just so you know...

I'd like to wish anyone else out there NaNo-ing a huge and hopeful...GOOD LUCK! We can do it!!!

Finally, tomorrow is Halloween. However you choose to spend this holiday, I hope it full of laughter with loved ones, safe adventures, and lots of sugar!!! Mine sure will be! 

Happy Halloween! 


  1. Hope you make your goals for NaNo!!

  2. You are sooo funny! Yes, I do think that way. This morning I had my son cleaning a spot on the carpet because the furnace repair guy was coming. :D

    I wish I could do nano, but I'm already working on a project.

    I'll be rooting for you though. Check in at #1k1hr on FB so we can cheer your progress!

  3. I wish you well as you embark on NaNoWriMo, Lacie. May the words flow as freely as Hershey's syrup over ice cream.

  4. I'm a day late commenting, but just wanted to say best wishes on NaNoWriMo! I'm not officially NaNo-ing, but I've got some big writing goals of my own and will also be taking a little blogging break midway through the month. I'll be thinking of you and all the NaNo-ers out there!

  5. Good luck, friend! And Happy Writing, I mean Halloween, I mean both!

  6. You're doing Nano too?!?!?!? So I'm not the only one about to pee my pants?


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