Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's Review Day!!

I've set myself a nearly impossible feat...trying to review one of the most memorable books I've read since Janette Oke. Truly. (I can give no higher compliment than that, since Ms. Oke's stories are the first that drew me in so deeply, I would lock myself away for hours just to feel the emotional high that comes from a love story...of the heart and soul.)

I read Love's Reckoning almost a month ago, in a single day. Laura's story far exceeded even my highest hopes of what I thought the book would be about. I was so drawn in and spell bound by her setting, her characters, the customs...everything played a part in this tale. Everything was so intricately woven together. It was beautiful!
As Keli Gwyn aptly pointed out a few days ago, Love's Reckoning is so full of "emotion". There's no better way to describe or praise Laura's work. It's like existing in a dream where you are the heroine, and you personally experience every fluttery, heated stare, every heart pounding fear, every degree of uncertainty, every ounce of unfairness...until you want to scream at someone that it can't possibly end that way! And then you just give up, and fall into the story (again), feeling every emotion that Eden felt.

Today's review is slightly unique in that I don't want to talk about its technical merits (although they're abundant), and I don't want to just tell you over and over how much I adored it (although I do, and I kinda already did!). 

Instead, I'd like to show you some of the images that wove the story together...some of the images that evoke the emotion that I've been trying to describe. Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. 

I borrowed each of these images from Laura's Pinterest board titled Love's Reckoning. There are many more pictures that will have you feeling the story before you ever open the cover. 

I hope you loved this book as much as I did...and I'm eager to hear your thoughts too. Please let me know (in the comments) about your experience reading Love's Reckoning

And have a HAPPY (early) WEEKEND!!! 

***November's Book Club Title will be announced on Thursday, November 1st!!! 


  1. Okay...really need to get my hands on this one!

  2. Laura is indeed a gifted writer and great storyteller. I, too, enjoyed Love's Reckoning. It's a powerful tale that moved me.

  3. I just finished this book today. :) I agree; it was excellent! I agree with Keli as well; it is full of emotion. Can't wait till the next book in the series comes out. Happy weekend!

  4. Lacie, This is such a beautiful review! Love the images and your insights, every one:) I guess the concensus is that there's emotion in those pages:) I'm really touched by the comments - thanks so much to Keli, Karen, and Lindsay! I'm sorry I'm late. We have a crazy fiction scavenger hunt going on today and it's quite busy over there, lol. So thankful for you. I'm going to copy your reivew for my publisher. Since I don't read Amazon reviews, etc. I treasure yours. Heartfelt thanks to you for taking time for my books.

  5. Laci,

    So glad you liked this book - I am always so moved by what Laura writes. She has such a depth, a weight to her words that make passion come alive!

    I'm so glad she's using her gifts this way - and that we get to benefit. Great book, great review.

    BTW, I've been so under the gun with some edits and family visits the last few weeks that I haven't even taken the time to acknowledge how grateful I am to you for your Sunshine package! I was so blessed by it - every time I burn my candle, I think of you and Jennifer and pray for you both.



  6. I haven't read it yet. My crit partner Anne Love gave it to me and it mocks me from my bedside table every night i drag myself to bed at 11 pm.


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