Thursday, March 1, 2012

Do You Have A Green Thumb?

I recently purchased some new plants from my favorite online plant store, Burpee.

I'm gearing up for Spring and excited about re-doing my planters in front of my house. Eventually I'll get my garden boxes planted too. (I took last year off and found that I really missed the fresh fruit and veggies. It's nice to say to my kids as I'm making dinner, "hey, go pick some strawberries to go with dinner.")

I like to grow things I know my kids will enjoy. Zucchini, strawberries, green beans, watermelon, carrots, corn.

One year I tried potatoes...but that didn't work out for me. I've also tried lettuce one year and again, no success. But I think I'll try that one again.

It's always fun to get out in the sun and dig in the dirt with my kids. And they love to root through all the plants when the fruits of their labor begin to show. And maybe...just makes them taste a little better too. I can use all the help I can get in the eat-your-vegetables department! :)

Share with me: Do you plant veggies every year? Do you enjoy growing your own food? What is your favorite vegetable? 


  1. Lol. I wish. I'm terrible at growing things, which is ironic because my dad was a farmer. :)

  2. I am not a good gardener. I love flowers, and I have a perennial garden in my front yard, but I don't plant any veggies.

    Favorite vegetable = sweet corn.

  3. I do grow cherry tomatoes. I've always had the best luck with them. I also grow herbs. Hubz sometimes grows peppers.

  4. Shortly after Gwynly proposed to me, he took me out to dinner to celebrate. During the meal he confessed that he doesn't do yards. I found his disclaimer kinda cute. Wanting to assure him that I was OK with that, I told him that was fine, because I don't either.

    We've been married 24 years now, and he does a fine job maintaining our yard. I pitch in on occasion, but we will never be the yard people my beloved mother-in-law was. No garden for us. Just a tiny lawn and low maintenance shrubs and perennials.

    Favorite vegetable at the Gwyn house: broccoli!

  5. My thumbs are black. So are the rest of my fingers, I guess. I am death to plants.
    I desperately wanted some hydrangeas in front of my house so last year I dropped $50 for 3 bushes and they were dead within 2 weeks. I overwater, I underwater, I don't know what happens. I even tried reading online how to care for them--it didn't matter. Can you come to my house and plant things for me, please?

  6. I love gardening and I agree, its a great way to get kids to eat their veggies. My kids love picking pea pods and eating the sweet peas inside. They also love scavenging the blackberry bushes. Always fun to send them outside to have a snack ;)

  7. I grew up being forced into child-servitude in our 1 acre garden. So, I'm a little burned by gardening. I do however, love FLOWERS and can't wait to turn my deck into a living splash of color this spring! :)

  8. Girl, I have the opposite of a green thumb. I kill everything! Even poor little house plants.

    You are super mom!

  9. I'm so not a green thumb, but I love the idea of eating food that I've grown myself. Maybe someday I'll give it a try. :)


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