Thursday, September 15, 2011

When is Your Birthday?

Quick and easy today...

I'm nearing the end of the season of birthday's in my family and it got me thinking about YOU!

When is your birthday? And how do you like to celebrate? Are birthday's a big deal for you or just another day?


  1. My birthday is in March, and I share it with three of the most fabulous people:

    Mary Connealy (I know, right?!)

    Mr. Fred Rogers (I can't wait to meet him in heaven and say thank you for all he did with Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood)


    Big Bird! Yep, me and Big Bird, born on the same day. :D

  2. July 10 - As a kid, I always loved that my birthday was in the summer. We don't do big celebrations. I'd rather just go to dinner with my family.

  3. Morning Erica and Julie! Wow Big Bird?? Very cool! Just my luck my birthday would be the same as Oscar's. :)

    Julie, July birthday's are great. We have three in our family! Happy very-late birthday! :)

  4. Feb 15th. Was supposed to be born on Valentine's Day but I was a wee bit stubborn ;)

    I actually dislike the month of February the most. Days are so short. The cold really wears on me. Oh well.

    As far as celebrating... I prefer not to be fussed over so spending time with the people I love is great, but I don't need gifts or anything like that.

  5. My birthday is Oct. 13th. I've always loved it because I get to celebrate with chili/weenie roast, hayrides, and bonfires! I love fall. My dad's birthday is 2 days after mine, which is pretty cool. And my sister in law's is the day before mine. :)

    When is YOUR birthday? And twitter it to me, b/c I may not remember to swing back by!

    Thanks again for my special congrats! LOVED it. My son REALLY loved it!

  6. My birthday is smack dab in the middle of summer, which I like since summer is my favorite season. It's one week after Julie's: 7-17.

    I love my birthday. We used to celebrate it with more fanfare than in recent years. It's amazing how life changes when one reaches the Empty Nest stage.

  7. Earth Day. April 22nd. I love that I share it with my husband's grandma who is a super sweet lady.


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