Thursday, May 26, 2011

Would You Survive?

I'm always whining that I have so much to do. My to-do lists drag on and on. And yet, when the kids are finally tucked in for the night and their silly excuses to get up one last time have all been used, I don't often do what I need to do.

I usually turn on the TV.

But this week, I didn't have any TV. That's because my husband and I are experimenting (nothing x-rated, mind you). We canceled our cable. We have no TV. Nothing!

The premise behind this crazy idea is pretty simple. Cut out the things in our life that are hindrances to our productivity. The TV is the number one culprit. Which seems funny since it's never on during the day unless the kids are watching a movie before nap time. Chris and I only watch a few shows together in the evening. Nevertheless, it does eat up quite a bit of our time.

I'm on day three of this no TV experiment and it's much harder than I thought it would be. I miss the escape. I miss the entertainment. I miss all my music channels that I blare when cleaning. I'm having such a hard time that my body is physically reacting. I just happened to get sick. (Okay, so the two are not totally related but it feels like it. P.S. It's even worse being sick when there's no TV to watch from the couch.)

Our original agreement was to try to make it a month. After one day, we said we'd try for one week. After three days...I'm ready to give up altogether.

How about you? Do you love TV? Would you be able to survive without it? What are some of your favorite shows?

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  1. Don't give up!!! After a week you won't even notice it anymore. Gabe and I have been without it for a year now and I don't regret not having it. My favorite shows like survivor, bachelor/bachelorett I watch online. That extra hour or 2 you could get a couple of hours extra sleep and be ready to rise and shine bright and early the next day. Imagine all you will get done then and the quality time you can spend with your family.


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