Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oregon City

We're stuck! My husband's work is taking longer than originally anticipated and what was supposed to be a 4 night stay has turned into a 6 night stay (and counting). In an attempt to focus on the highlights of this trip (and not to dwell on the fact that I'm stuck in a 10x10 foot room with three toddlers and limited activities) I have decided to share a few of our pictures depicting the things we learned about pioneers and their original journey.

Chris, Cody and Ava grinding corn into cornmeal.

Chris and Cody sawing logs (yes, with mean faces).

Lexie crawling in the grass. What did pioneers do with babies? I'm sure they ate a lot of dirt.

We were able to build a log cabin...sort of. The Phillip Foster Farm in Eagle Creek, OR has a giant version of Lincoln Logs. What fun!

Still building...

Okay, so this was as far as we got. Partly because we didn't want the whole thing to fall on Lex and partly because it was really hot!

We took a trolley around Oregon City.

The main reason for the visit...The End of the Oregon Trail Museum. Just my luck, it was closed due to lack of funding.

However, we did have a little fun in the gift shop (yes, that was still open). Cody and Ava being silly.

They even had dress up clothes. Chris and I opted to pass.

Willamette Falls


  1. Just pretend that you are stuck out on the Oregon Trail in a 10 x 10 wagon.

  2. I am so sad that I didnt know you guys were there. I could of came up that way to see you. I can always use an excuse to come up there.

  3. I only have time to look at the pics and I LOVE them. They are beautiful. I will come back and read your writing. I love that you are doing this. =)


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