Tuesday, July 20, 2010

To Go or Not To Go...

I'm notoriously impetuous. I'm famous for it actually. Any time a fun, exciting idea wiggles its way into my head, I clamp down on it like a bulldog with a locked jaw.

About three weeks ago, my "hot idea" was to organize a family cruise vacation. (I've been known to attempt this at least three times a year...its sad really). It started with an ad I received in the mail advertising wonderfully discounted prices. My heart was immediately invested. I called/emailed my family to get the budget and time restraints for each group. Then I spent literally hours...wasted time!!...attempting to narrow down the options that fit the criteria. The outcome is always the same (I've only been able to organize one successful cruise for my family in all the years I've tried) "we can't go", "we can't afford that", "I can't take any more time off of work", etc. Thankfully, I have a wonderfully, supportive family and their judgement is limited to "Lace, where do you get these crazy ideas?"

About six months ago, I was going to conquer the food business world with my Italian Grandmother's unique pasta sauce recipe. The idea came and stuck immediately. I organized comparative tastings including all the sauce competition, I researched prices on the best place to purchase my supplies in bulk, I set up a business relationship with a local shipping company (the first nail in my coffin), I created a website, I read piles of books on creating a successful business plan and running a start up company, I spent weeks and weeks researching and planning. I'll give you one guess what happened. I FELL FLAT ON MY FACE!

There is a very important, four day, Christian writing conference coming up in September. I'm sure most people register for this event months in advance, allowing plenty of time to prepare. However, I only found out about this conference two weeks ago, so I don't have months and months of time to decide if I should go or not. I need to decide. Do I go or do I wait for next year? My heart tells me to go, my fear tells me I'm ridiculous and my head is just confused. This is one decision that I don't want to make impetuously. I would really like to hear the clear, directive voice of God right about now. So God, if you read this...I'm available to chat any time. My schedule is completely open!

On a writing note...I'm having a very hard time writing dialogue for the hero of my book. Every time I read what I have him saying, I'm just unimpressed. He sounds like a wimp. He sounds like a girl. Probably because the person writing a girl! But who wants to read a book with a lame hero...definitely not me. I need him to be bold and commanding. I need to capture the spirit of John Wayne and I'm ending up with Fred Astaire. I need to learn how to speak like a rugged cowboy. Any suggestions, anyone?


  1. I hope God answers your prayers! Sounds like your head, your heart, and your gut need to sit down and have a meeting to get on the same page. :) If money's not an issue, you might ask yourself this: What will I regret more....not going, or going?

    As far as dialog, watch lots and lots of old Westerns. ;)

  2. In regards to finding out how to get your hero to sound like a man's man, just take some clues from the guy who sleeps next to you every night. I am giving you expressed written consent to record my dialogue. Hahaha.

  3. You need to let the main character sound like "a girl" for now. Once you get a 1st draft completed then go back alter the dialog. If you keep re-reading what you've written you will never get through to the end! I know it's hard (I'm a writer too) but once you have a first draft there will be infinate re-writes to fix your cowboy into a gruff sounding "man"!


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