Thursday, April 26, 2012

Worthy Is The Lamb

I had a moment yesterday.

One of those God-is-actually-in-my-car moments!

I was driving to my mother-in-laws house to pick up my two year old after the last session of my women's Bible study.

(For the record, I attend an awesome church and every September to April we dig, dig, dig into God's word. Those few months of the year change my life more dramatically than anything else.)

This "semester" we were blessed to study Beth Moore's David, A Heart Like His. It's one of those study's that you just don't want to end. And even though I knew David was going to die at the end of the lesson, I still got a little weepy when it actually happened.

I just didn't want the learning, the closeness, the meat to end! Have you ever felt that way? When God is so screaming your name and you can't do anything but hold on and keep going, cause He's gonna have a new Word for you tomorrow and the next day and the next day...

Well, that's what this study has been for me!

So, I'm driving along rocking out to my Third Day CD (after swapping out--I kid you NOT--four, count them, 1, 2, 3, 4! kids Christmas CD's! That's how behind/lame I am!) when the song Worthy is the Lamb came on my blaring stereo.

I've always loved that song. LOVED! But this time (and many others, too) I found myself totally overcome with praise, so aware of everything I just learned in His Word and through David's life, so drenched in His goodness and mercy that I just couldn't contain myself. It was as if God himself was riding along with me saying, "yup, go ahead and worship me...right here...right now!"

So I pulled my car off the road because my eyes demanded to close and my hands fought to let go of the steering wheel. And I worshiped my God, my Savior, in my car, on the side of a little country road in El Dorado Hills, CA.

I love moments like that!

God is so good, isn't He? Have you ever had an experience with God where it felt as if you were literally in His presence?

It's happening to me more and more and I gotta say...there's no better experience!!!

Have a great, GREAT (early) weekend everyone!!


  1. Oh yes!!!! I've had to pull over or just keep driving because I wasn't ready to get to my destination. Sometimes it's so intense I just want to close my eyes, step off into eternity and never look back.

    Beth Moore is a brilliant Bible teacher. I've done many of them and just love her wisdom. I did a study on Moses and when he died, and God buried him, I bawled like a stinking baby! LOL

    Love that you're experiencing God is such an intimate overwhelming way! And yeah, you're way behind. Christmas CDs??? Ack!

  2. Wow... I love to hear that honey !!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing, Lacie! I love how when we least expect it, His Spirit reaches to our heart through a song. And yes, it is hard to drive when the tears and mascara are stinging your eyes too :) What a precious encounter!!! Blessings, dear friend!

  4. What an awesome experience, Lacie. Gotta love it when God calls your name so loudly you can't do anything by listen, let go of life's demands, and worship Him with all you've got.


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