Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentines Day reminds me of sixth grade.

I remember decorating a paper bag with heart drawings and stickers and writing my name in big, poorly written bubble letters.

The entire class would then set their Valentine bag on their desk and the process of handing out cute little cards would begin.

But the best part was always going through my stash afterwards and giggling with my girlfriends over the cards we got from the boys.

Fond memories...trying to decipher if the overly sweet wording on the card was chosen on purpose.

Girls are so silly. I love it!

Share with me: What comes to mind when you think about past Valentine's Days? Do you remember what themed Valentine's cards you chose when you were younger? How will you be celebrating this Love Day?


  1. I think of making my own Valentine's Day box in 5th grade. For some reason my mom had these plastic tulips that lit up. I put those in a pot, covered the top of the flowerpot, and made a slot for people to drop the cards inside. I was so proud of it. :)

  2. What I remember is being in one grade with four classmates who shared my name and having to figure out which of the Valentines in our bags were for us and which were intended for someone else. Talk about a challenge! I still smile when I think about the confusion--and the laughter.

  3. I remember decorating Kleenex boxes with red, white, and pink...and the silver doily hearts.

    One year I had Cabbage Patch Valentines and one year I remember Care Bears. :)

    It really was such fun! :)

  4. I remember brunches with ladies and a chick flick movie at the theater. Oh good ole college days :)

  5. I remember the class decorating white bakery bags with hearts as our Valentine "mailbox."

    Huz and I have a dinner date and a box of chocolates.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. One year I gave out Ziggy Valentine's cards. Nothing says "I love you" like Ziggy, LOL.

    Happy Valentine's Day, Lacie!


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