Thursday, February 2, 2012

God's Many Roles

Do you ever get carried away with the idea that God is our friend or Father?

I know I do.

I love the image that comes to mind when I think of Christ as my daddy with a welcoming lap and arms big enough for all of my problems.

And I love the image that pops into my head when I think of the ongoing, chatty conversations I have with Him throughout my days -- similar to those I might have with a trusted friend.

I so love the closeness that these relationships provide that I often forget that He is not only my friend and Father. He is my KING!

He is Royalty!

How would you act before the Sovereign Lord?

Fall on your face? You bet!

But how many of us commune with Him like that regularly? On our low as we can get?

I recently finished a Bible study that suggested kneeling before an empty chair (symbolizing His throne) whenever we talk with God. Just to remind case you're like me and sometimes forget...that He is indeed the King of Kings.

Interesting thought, huh? What do you think about it? Which of Christ's titles are you most comfortable with? Friend, Father or King? 


  1. Beautiful post.

    I do talk with God throughout my day...even at work.

    It is at night, I get on my matter how tired I am.

    I always think of God as my Father.

  2. He's all three and more, but I think of Him most often as Friend. He knows me, loves me unconditionally, and welcomes my conversations no matter the hour. What a gift!

  3. Love this, Lacie.
    I love it that we get comfortable with God, but many times I think we forget how powerful he is--just how holy, how majestic, how awesome. We forget what the word awesome truly means.
    Thanks for reminding all of us!


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