Thursday, November 3, 2011

Confession Time - Twilight Style

I'm not a very good trend follower. It takes me a long time to finally get around to certain fads.

I never let myself like Britney Spears, cause everyone else did. I refused for years to buy a pair of Uggs, because they were all the rage. I made certain when choosing my sunglasses that I didn't buy the huge, bug-eyed ones. And don't get me started on the whole skinny jean phenomenon!

I usually try to go against the crowd - for as long as I can. To do my own thing.

So I find it totally frustrating that I love my Uggs and practically live in my skinny jeans. (Still don't like Britney.)

Why did I wait so long to give in?

The other night, Twilight was on TV. Another fad that I have avoided for years. I would hear friends and, well...the world, talking about the movies, the actors, the "teams", etc. and I would think, I'm so glad I'm not into all the crazy, pointless debates about who is cuter, Edward or Jacob. And who should Bella choose? Vampire or Werewolf?

Who cares! (I shouted at my TV during one Oprah episode where they interviewed a bunch of over-the-top fans.)

Turns out, I care! I'm only a few years late - but I loved Twilight. Insane how much I liked the movie! I thought it was going to be a total horror/blood and guts movie so I was totally unprepared when I was completely caught up in the love story.

Needless to say, I ran around like a crazy person trying to find the next two movies. Netflix would take at least two days. Redbox didn't have them. And I didn't know if my old high school Blockbuster card would still work. So I did the only reasonably sane thing I could think of in my craze to find out what happened next.

I scoured my Comcast cable OnDemand section until I found out which premium channel was playing the series and then ordered that channel (at a ridiculously high premium) just so I could watch New Moon and Eclipse back to back. Which I did...until 2:00 in the morning. (Only to find out that I would be awake the rest of the night with my two girls who were crying because their throats hurt. Found out today they have strep. I'm exhausted!)

But the point is - I loved the movies! And It only took me four years to finally give in and watch them. Sounds like my Uggs.

But I still refuse to watch Vampire Diaries! :)

Humor me - since I'm just now joining the party - Which Twilight movie was your favorite and why? And which hero were you rooting for?


  1. I'm cracking up! When I went to see Twilight, I only knew it was about vampires. That was me and Hubs attraction. We love all things Vampy. I hadn't read the books so when everyone else was giggling or swooning, I wasn't sure what was going on. I'll never forget my husband leaning over and whispering, "You do realize we're the only ones here who didn't need parent permission, right?"

    After the movie, I had to read the books. I really loved them, except the last one. It was just ok, to me. My favorite book was Eclipse, but my favorite movie was probably Twilight, although I've enjoyed them all.

    Way to jump in, Lace. Sorry about your kiddies. That stinks! :(

  2. I don't think I really have a favorite... Maybe New Moon just because I went to the midnight showing with thirty other girls :) that was great memories.

    And I scoffed at the skinny jean thing forever. Now I love them. Though I have to wear them with boots or I think they look funny.

    You should try them... :)

  3. So sorry your kidlets are sick. :(

    Still haven't seen/read Twilight. And I don't have Uggs.

    And as to skinny jeans...such a thing hasn't been invented for my particular physique...

  4. Ha! Love the obsessive side of your personality--I totally get that! I haven't watched the movies or read the books. I'm sure I would like them, though!

    Hope everyone is feeling better!

  5. Oh, honey. Now you are speaking my language.

    I LOVED the books. The movies, to me, are ehhhh.... I don't like the casting. I think if I had seen the movies before the I read the books, maybe I'd feel differently, but in my mind, Edward and Bella are different. (I'm not a fan of KStew as Bella. She blinks too much!!) lol. Taylor Lautner gets my vote, though--although I feel like a gross old lady perv saying that.
    Eclipse is definitely my favorite book of the series.

    Despite my middle of the road feelings about the movies, I still can't wait to see Breaking Dawn part 1 next weekend. Too bad you don't live closer; we'd go together! (Although like Jess, it was my least favorite book in the series.)

    You MUST watch Vampire Diaries. It blows Twilight away. I'll make a follower out of you yet! :)

  6. I just watched the first movie on the FX channel this month, so that's the only one I've even seen. It is amazing how it took off and how crazy things got with it. :O)

  7. Funny, funny! Yeah, I've read them and seen the movies. But I also have a pre-teen in my house - I use her as my excuse. I loathed book 2, so I was super excited when they did that twirly trick with her in a chair to speed up the time she spent brokenhearted. I told my daughter, "You are NEVER allowed to be that miserable over some guy."

    BUT... You really should watch Vampire Diaries. Soooo much better than Twilight. The acting and the writing of the show (I've not read the books this is based on) is lightmoons above that of Twilight.

  8. I would have to agree with Heather. If you love Twilight, you will love the Vampire Diaries. Mmmm, mmmmm, good!

    And I do NOT have Uggs and haven't seen a skinny jean since my high school days. I don't even have an "i" anything!!! No iPhone, iPad, iPod...nothin'. Sniff, sniff.

  9. WHOA! You will watch Twilight but not Vampire Diairies?!?!?!?!? As one who watches both, you are missing some serious conflict/tension/romance on VD. Smarter, and sexier than Twilight. It's a GREAT show and trust me, you will enjoy it. :)

  10. anyone who will not watch vampire diaries does not dignify much more than this comment:

    watch all episodes of vampire diaries here.

    let me know when you're done and then we can talk. ;)


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