Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Family Fun, Week Two

Happy Thursday everyone!

Were any of you brave enough to try some of the activities I posted last week? (If you're not sure what I'm talking about, click HERE.) No pressure, since even I didn't get all of them done. We ended up taking a very spontaneous trip to Santa Cruz for a few days so the kids could chase some waves.

But I'm more determined than ever to make the most of this summer since I'm already getting mail from my kids' school informing me of the first day of school in August. Didn't we just get out?

Here are a few more suggestions to help keep your kiddos busy this next week.

Day 1
Activity - Sock Dust

Directions - This is exactly what it sounds like. Put an old sock on your little ones hands and allow them to help you dust the house. It not only teaches them responsibility with chores but by doing it together you get time to listen to them ramble on about the darndest things. Priceless. Not to mention, kids love doing least mine do.

Day 2
Craft - Rock Paint

Directions - Find a somewhat flat rock in your backyard or on a nature walk and let your kids paint them. Anything goes. Painting is always fun for kids but when they get to paint something other than paper, you become the most awesome mom ever! Once they dry, they're fun to set in your flower planters or garden or by your front door. And the kids are so proud to show them off to any visitors.

Day 3
Activity - Puppet Show

Directions - Using stuffed animals, actual puppets or paper bag puppets, put on a puppet show with your little one. String up an old sheet somewhere in your house (I use chip clips to do this) and set up your audience (more stuffed animals). Make a big deal about coming up with your story, practicing and the actual performance. The giggles abound. Take turns acting out your story together and then each take a turn in the audience.

Day 4
Activity - Pick Fruit

Directions - Find a local You-Pick fruit farm and take your kids to pick a basket of your favorite fruit. If you're not sure where your closest fruit farm is, click HERE for a very helpful resource. Make sure you eat as you pick and take lots of pictures. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a few hours of being silly.

Day 5
Food Creation - Bake a Pie

Directions - Using the fruit you picked the day before, bake a special fruit pie. Allow your kids to help as much as possible. If you're really brave, try making your own pie crust. Betty Crocker has a pretty easy pie crust recipe HERE. Bake and enjoy!

**As an extra fun bonus** If you bake a pie with your child, send me a picture of your delicious dessert and your little helper and I'll send you a secret prize that both you and your child will love! Happy Baking!


  1. Can I BUY a pie with my kid and take a picture? ;)

  2. Going to paint rocks for sure. Thanks


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