Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Goals For May

This calendar year seems to be flying by way too quickly. My kids only have three more weeks of school and the ACFW conference is in four short months. How did that happen? I swore last September that I would be prepared and calmly waiting for this September's writing conference. Unfortunately, it ain't lookin' good. Bring on the panic.

In order to get myself more organized and to help check off a few of my mental "to-do" items...I'm writing them down. I know, brilliant concept, right?

Here's what I'd love to cross off for May:

~ Add 30,000 words to my WIP

~ Create a daily word count tracking system to hold myself accountable.

~ Finish researching the agents/editors/mentors that will be attending this years conference and make a decision about my appointment slot.

~ Actually register for the conference instead of just daydreaming about it. (And start looking for a possible roommate.)

~ Plan my son's 6th birthday party which is coming up at the beginning of June. I've already been told that Iron Man is his theme of choice.

~ Finish reading the four books that are currently collecting dust on my nightstand.

~ Dust every single baseboard in my house. (I'm sort of okay if this one doesn't get done. But in a perfect dust.)

That's it. Simple, right?

What are your goals for this month? Do you find that you accomplish more tasks if you write them down? At the end of an average month, do you usually feel productive or like you could have done better?

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  1. Hi Lacie,

    So pumped you are going. I'm praying hard about it and hope to be there. I forget when registration opens, but it might not be in May.

    30K on your WIP...great! You can do it!
    ~ Wendy


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