Thursday, February 7, 2013

February Book Pick & a Quote

How it has already managed to be the seventh day of February is beyond me!

Like many of you, my last two weeks have been full of horrible head colds jumping from one family member to another, and brainstorming creative and unique ideas for my kids' Valentine's Day cards. (We have purchased them in years past, but this year I wanted to try the crafty approach--because I just really need one more thing to do! ;) )

Author, Heather Sunseri
Regardless of the hurrying around in a short month, I am still finding plenty of time to read. I force it in whenever I can spare a minute, usually right before bed.

Which brings me to my February Book title! Yay! This month I'll be reading...

I am so excited about this book for two reasons. First, the author is super sweet!! I had the privilege of meeting her in 2011 at a writers conference. And second, this book is not one I would normally pick up--it being a YA Sci-Fi/thriller. I tend to stick to my historicals, but have found many gems by stepping out a bit! If there's ever a gal to take a risk on, it's Heather! So download her debut novel and read along with me!!
Mindspeak is available in many different ways so click over to Heather's site for links to purchase her book if you use something other than Amazon and a Kindle to do your reading.


Okay, change of topic. Yesterday morning I heard something that keeps zinging around inside my head. So I'm gonna spew it out here and see what y'all think.

"Hurrying (or busyness) is the flesh trying to do more than the Holy Spirit is leading you to."

Share with me: Agree/Disagree? Are you often hurrying around? (I know I am!) Will you be reading Mindspeak with me? Or have you already read it?? :)


  1. Huge congrats to Heather! I don't read this genre often, but I am just as intrigued as you. I love this cover and the premise sounds so fascinating. Defininitely will be giving this a read! :)

    I agree with your thought, Lacie! A wise woman once told me that we can sometimes be caught up in doing what is "good" and miss out on doing what is "great". Sometimes I have to make myself slow down and focus on what those great things are: my children and husband and those few truly important things in my life.

  2. I'll read Mindspeak with you! I've got it on the Kindle waiting and I was going to start it this week anyway. That will be fun!! :)


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