Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thank You!

I'm doing something a little different today.

I've been hearing a lot from other writers about their highs and lows along this crazy journey (moods that can change from one minute to the next) and it got me of the reasons the lows are bearable (for me) is because of the wonderful, kind and friendly faces that I have met along the way. Kind people that cheer me on without even knowing they're doing it!

Being a writer can be a lonely thing sometimes. Even your spouse, who might be your biggest supporter, might not get why you talk to yourself so much, or why you jot down notes as you drive, or why you're constantly reading blogs and twittering.

But other writers get it. This is something that I'm beginning to see firsthand...and I'm so appreciative of the people that go out of their way to lift me up.

So today I want to give a giant THANK YOU to some of the ladies that I met through social avenues like blogging and Twitter.

These beautiful, funny people make my lows worth it!

Katie Ganshert - I think Katie's blog was the very first blog I stumbled upon from Rachelle Gardner's website last year when I first started researching agents and writers. And she was one of the first people to follow my blog and offer oodles of encouragement. She's one of the biggest cheerleaders I've seen!

Jody Hedlund - I found Jody's blog when I was looking for a clear answer about when to attend a writers conference. I got my answer from Jody and her informative blog. A blog I have come to equate with just plain awesomeness! To top it all off, this lady can write a killer book!

Erica Vetsch - Erica is who I want to be when I'm a grown up writer. She is dedicated and gifted and can throw down some word counts like nobody's business! And she is funny as all heck...without even trying!

Wendy Paine Miller - I love Wendy! She is so full of questions and curiosity. Most of her questions go over my head but she is definitely an encourager and someone that everyone should know!

Keli Gwyn - Keli should get an award for taking so much of her own time to help and mentor other writers...while she is buried in her own stuff. I don't know how she finds the time! She is my personal hero and I'm looking so forward to soaking up all I can from her.

Jessica R. Patch - Jessica is a hoot! I mean, really! This lady is funny and wise and kind and godly. God is using her to love on others and she probably doesn't even know it! She's just plain addictive!

I appreciate you all so much and I'm thankful that I'll get to meet most of you in person in only 56 days!

If you don't already know (or follow) these writers, I highly recommend it! They will enrich your lives far beyond anything you can imagine.

Who have you met online that has lifted you up?

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Lacie!

    That is such a thoughtful list. I agree with all of your choices. And that I'm there. I'm truly honored! So funny what you wrote about my questions. Truth be told, they go over my head sometimes, too. :D

    Can't wait to meet you!
    ~ Wendy

  2. Wow, Lacie! I'm so honored to be on this list! It's funny how touching a thank you can be! This lifted my spirits so much this morning. Thanks for being such an encourager, girl!

    Also - made me think of an idea. You know how Jody does Tag-a-Friend Tuesday on Facebook? Wouldn't it be fun to do Thank-You-Thursday on Facebook or even a blog? Focus on one person you want to thank that week? I'd really like to do that!

  3. Lacie!

    What a blessing you've bestowed today. I'm not worthy to be counted amongst such honorable and estimable authors. :D

    Anyway, thank you for the kind words. You Rock!

  4. I love all these ladies, too! :) What a sweet tribute, Lacie.

    Are you going to ACFW this year? If so, I look forward to meeting you in person! :)

  5. Hi all! Thanks for your comments today!

    Katie, that's a great idea! Thanking or recognizing someone weekly...Lord knows, we probably all have lists and lists of people who have helped us along. And no, I don't have a Facebook account but I did just join if only I knew how to use it. :)

    Sarah, I'm so glad you'll be there too! It'll be my first one. So far, my excitement over meeting all you sweet ladies has been overshadowing my nervousness! Gotta love that!

  6. What a blessing it was to read your post today. I've been privileged to meet Katie, Jody, Erica, and Wendy in person, and I agree with everything you said about them. They are awesomeness personified. And I'm eager to meet Jesse in person. To be listed with these wonderful writers is such an honor.

    I see that Sarah Forgrave is one of your blogging buddies, too. Just wait until you meet her in September. I met her in Indy last year, and she's become one of the treasured members of my dream team.

    And I'm one of the blessed ones who has met YOU in person already, Lacie. Plus I get to travel to the ACFW conference with you and room with you, too. We're gonna have ourselves some serious fun. =)

  7. Ok, I'm a day behind, but not really because in my head today has been Thursday all day. So...

    What a great surprise and encouragement from you when I did get here today. Lace, you are full of awesomeness! A bright sunshiny star and I'm glad to know you.

    I'll miss meeting you all this year at ACFW, but take lots of pics and twitter me! :)

    I like Katie's Thank you, Thursday idea. Good one.

  8. Lacie, this is a round-up of my favorite bloggers!! Excellent choices!! They have all supported me for years, and this journey would be very lonely without them. Thanks for spot-lighting such a terrific group of writers!


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