Thursday, July 21, 2011

Have You Been Tested?

I'm going to be honest here. I'm hormonal. Ack!

I'm embarking on a whole new decade (my 30's) and I'm already noticing too many changes for my personal comfort.

Since I was due for a physical I decided that I'd go in with my prepared questions about "aging". I wanted to go in knowing my stuff. What I should be looking for to be preventative, to borrow a word from Kaiser Permanente.

So I Googled. I always Google when I don't know something. And this time I wanted to know what medical tests I should have done to be proactive in my physical health.

Here's the list I found. Probably a good list for anyone's overall health.

1. Have your cholesterol tested. Just another way my doctor, or the lab guy, will know I eat too much junk food. Great!

2. Diabetes blood test. See #1.

3. Regular breast exams and pap smears. No biggie, used to these.

4. Skin cancer screening. Visit a dermatologist and have a full body scan. Especially if there's a history of sun burning/tanning or if you have large moles.

5. Thyroid levels checked. Just another blood test. Easy.

6. Dental check up. Nothing new here.

7. Eye exam. This is especially important if you get headaches since many are caused by eye problems.

8. Lifestyle review. Now, I'm not thrilled with this one. It's not exactly a test but it feels like one. Start keeping a log of food intake and daily exercise and adjust accordingly.

So, that's the list. Not too scary, right? Pretty basic stuff. Now, when it comes to other procedures, like a colonoscopy, I might get a little more nervous.

Are you proactive with your health? Or do you steer clear of doctor's at all costs? Is having your blood drawn a big deal for you? Which of the above appointments would you put off as long as you could?


  1. Meh, not a fan of going to the doctor, but it seems I'm there more often than I like. Maybe that's a hazard of living in the home of the Mayo Clinic. :)

    Good for you going in and getting checked out regularly. :)

  2. I probably find myself in the Dr.'s office twice a year... maybe.

    What I would also add to that list, just because my whole family struggles with it and it actually has a profound affect on our over health and well-being, is to get your Vitamin D level checked. (Just another blood screening). This vitamin is a biggie. If its low you have a higher risk of getting sick, joint pain, feeling lethargic, and, if it goes on long enough, developing osteoporosis due to your body's inability to take in calcium.

    Just a suggestion...

    I am somewhat proud of myself though, because even though I feel fine, one of my lymph nods has been swollen for a while so I'm going in to get it looked at. Probably nothing, but better to be safe than sorry.

  3. I'm horrible at this. Besides pregnancy (which I've had five rounds of, hahaha) I never go to the doctor.
    I HATE spending money on it.
    Isn't that craziness?
    Anyway, knock on wood, I'm usually a healthy person and feel like whenever I feel something coming on lots of water and rest can usually kick it.

  4. I do my yearly probing and poking, I go to the dentist, I go to the eye doctor. I do not go anywhere near anyone who wants to draw my blood. I just gave myself shivers! :)

  5. So glad I found your blog! I put off the eye doctor. But, I stay regular with all the rest. In fact, I'm edging 40 and just went through alot of what you're talking about. I am a health nut and couldn't believe ANYTHING could be wrong with me . .. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism after a blood test and now that I'm taking the meds I am doing SO much better! I guess it's a common "woman" thing at premenopause. So, praying that they nail down the answer to your hormone issues. I know how unsettling it can be!
    Blessings to you!


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