Thursday, April 14, 2011

Where Would You Pick?

My family is going through a transition. A where-do-we-want-to-move transition. A few months ago the company my husband worked for went out of business. Thankfully, my husband is a planner so we were very prepared for him to have some "time off". (I have enjoyed the added help in the mornings as we get the kids off to school.)

But now that he has been on more and more job interviews the question that keeps coming up is: "Are you willing to relocate?"

Huh? As in move away from our family, our home, our friends?

I've been in serious prayer (along with my beautiful Wednesday women...Thanks ladies!) that God would reveal His plan for our family CLEARLY. Still no clear answer to that yet, but the question remains a very popular one in our home. Are we really prepared to move somewhere new? What a scary thought! However, when we trust in God with all our heart, mind and strength, He equips us to face even the scary stuff. And that is what I'm counting on.

Once we get comfortable with the "will we" question, we stumble upon the next obvious question."Where do we want to move?" Long pause. I don't know...

So my question to you today is: Where would you pick? If you could move and live anywhere you wanted, where would you choose and why?

Happy early weekend! :)


  1. I'm open to going overseas. I think you should move to New England so we can write together.
    ~ Wendy

  2. You can move down the street from us. But you just can't move out of town!

  3. I hope that wherever you end up, you and your hubby both feel a sense of peace about the move, whether it's across town or across the country.

    I'd sure love to get together while you're still living in my area. Our dear friend Wendy will just have to wait her turn. =)

  4. Hi Wendy! I'd love to live overseas too. At least for a while. I'm thinkin' Italy. Or the Caribbean. :) I wish all the sweet blogging friends I've met lived in the same place so we could all write together!

    Nik, I'm glad you don't want us to move. I hope God doesn't move us right when you start having those cute babies.

    Hi Keli! Turns out my son had strep last week. I'm still disappointed that I had to cancel our meeting but I'm looking forward to rescheduling.


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