Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Plotting and Planning

I am in the midst of reworking most of my manuscript (thanks to the helpful comments I received on my Genesis entry).

The good news is I know how I can fix my problem.

The bad news is that fixing the problem feels like I'm starting all over.

I've been trying to find the best way (for me) to plan and plot my story to include these new revisions. Just winging it and hoping the words will come doesn't work for me and detailed outlines and I don't get along either. After sitting in front of my computer the other day, trying to figure out where to begin my repair work and pulling out more of my hair than I'd like to admit, I resorted to a very basic plotting method. I got out my index cards.

I have a very visual brain. So I spent two days sitting on the floor in our loft (which acts as my "writing space") scribbling out my chapters on cards. My floor is covered with them. I'm sure it's not the tidiest way to plot a story but I found it very helpful to "see" each chapter. Another benefit is the ability to swap out cards and move them around if a scene needs to happen earlier...or later.

Sounds so basic. So simple. But it was my big breakthrough last week. My book is now all planned out! Time to type.

How do you plan and organize your book plots?

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