Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thanks During The Yuck

I hate being sick. I always feel so deprived, like I'm missing out on all the great things I could be doing if only I felt better.

My family is nearing the end of a very long week of torment from the flu bug. First my five year old got it, followed by my four year old a day later. Now my one year old is starting to show signs as well. My husband and I have been using the mind-over-matter technique to ward off all the germs floating around our home. So far we've been successful but I'm starting to feel the slight achiness that creeps up on me right before I get the slap in the face.

While being sick is never fun, I was able to find a few special mommy moments with my delirious, fever-ridden children.

Cody needed lots of extra cuddles, comfort and back scratches. Of course I always love to supply that! Too bad he doesn't ask for these things as often when he feels well.

Ava just wanted me in the same room with her while she watched movies. God blessed me with my curious little girl -- we have lots in common. We both like to paint our nails. We both love pretty dresses. We both love it when people play with our hair and we both love to watch old movies over and over...

The chosen movie for yesterday was The Swiss Family Robinson. I'm amazed that my itty-bitty little one likes this movie and sat through the entire thing twice in one day!

Apart from the obvious greatness of the movie, I have my suspicions as to why she wants to watch it again and again. It's easy to figure out, especially when she grins from ear to ear during the kissing scenes. Then come all the questions. "Why are they kissing mommy?" She's just so sweet and innocent that I can't help but smile. Even four year old girls love a good romance story.

As someone who enjoys creating my own romance stories, I greatly relate and love this about my daughter. (Her dad on the other hand, is already concerned.) And today in the midst of feeling yucky and tired, I'm so thankful that God created women with a tender longing in our hearts for love and romance.

In spite of (or because of) today's circumstances, what are you thankful for? What is one of your favorite "love story" movies?

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  1. I LOVED Swiss Family Robinson when I was a kid... I'm going to have to get it off of Netflix cause I can't remember it. Anyway, hope you feel better!


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