Monday, January 17, 2011

Technologically Overwhelmed

One of my worst fears has come true. This fear is awful to imagine, even for the most prepared people. I am definitely not one of them.

My laptop...the one that holds the past three years of my writing as well as all of our family pictures has crashed. The kind of 'crashed' that even a computer diagnostics company didn't want to touch it. Their recommendation: "spend your money on a new one instead of attempting to fix that one." Yikes.

I hate change. Especially change I feel overwhelmed by. I can barely tell a megabyte from a USB port. Technology is not my friend. If I can turn it on, connect to the Internet, send a few emails, browse the web, print something to my wireless printer without any hassle, I consider my computer experience that day a huge success. Troubleshooting computer glitches is not my thing. I might as well be under my car's engine. There's no point to either one.

Laptop shopping is not fun. Too many choices for someone like me...someone that doesn't know what I really want, other than one that works effortlessly without ever breaking down. Does that exist?

While I am attempting to familiarize myself with this new laptop (the keys feel funny) I am also attempting to figure out an iPod Shuffle. Did I just crawl out from under a rock? Yes, sometimes I feel like I have. How can I be so out of touch with the newest gadgets? I don't really have an answer for that. But I have spent the last two hours, yes, I said TWO...trying to install the iTunes program onto my new laptop and fumbling through their 'store' to put music on this blasted device. I'm frustrated! Overwhelmed! Exhausted! And my dislike for technology is heightened.

Where's a typewriter and a walkman when you need one?

Does anyone out there struggle with technology and gadgets like I do or am I the only one? To put a more positive spin on it...what gadget can't you live without?

(My husband was able to save my WIP (work in progress) and our pictures!)

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