Thursday, September 9, 2010


I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I was looking forward to having some down time to write, now that two of my children are in school three hours a day. Well, let me just say - that statement was completely naive and perhaps a bit wishful on my part.

Since my kids started school I haven't had any time to write. Most days, I barely get home before I have to turn around and pick them up again. Sprinkle in a little ballet, T-ball practice, Bible study groups, errands, gymboree and homework time and I feel like I'm living in my car.

My kids seem to have adjusted nicely. They enjoy school and are not at all bothered by the earlier start to our days or the time we spend in the afternoon doing "homework".

I am not adjusting as well. I am struggling with the constant "go" of our new schedule and truth be told, I miss my kids. I know they are where they're "supposed" to be. I know they're learning new things and being taught by qualified teachers. And I know that they have fun and are making new friends. But I still feel as if there is just something not quite right about taking my kids to school. I hate not being with them all the time and I hate even more that I don't know how every second of their day is being spent. That sounds a little crazy, even to me. My husband would call it controlling. I call it involved parenting.

I can't help but notice that homeschooling seems to be a growing trend. Everywhere I turn, I meet a new family that has chosen to homeschool their children. I admit that I am somewhat envious of these families. Since I love to plan and organize, learn, teach and most importantly be with my children, I am very drawn to the idea of homeschooling. However, I also have many misgivings about my desire to homeschool. Am I qualified? Am I organized enough? Will I be able to stay on task? Will there be huge gaping holes in their education if I were to teach them? Would people look at us like we were crazy? Am I smart enough and capable enough? I'm not sure about any of these answers. But what I do know is this: Even though my kids are in traditional school and even though it is going along perfectly fine, my kids are learning and growing - I can't shake the desire to pursue homeschooling.

So for now I will do what I do with most things that confuse me...I'll keep praying about it. And we'll keep adjusting.

Do you homeschool your children? Do you know of families that have chosen this method of schooling? What are your thoughts about homeschooled children?

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  1. I am homeschooling at the moment. I kind of thought I would be doing homeschooling after 4th grade (public school performance drops fast after that grade) but because my oldest daughter's class was not going well I was kind of forced into the situation. I am meeting with the school October 5th and hopefully we can get an acceptable arrangement set up, but I won't hesitate at all to home school her if I don't like what they are doing.

    I know more than a few people that have been home schooled. They have lots of support in place for socializing and with all the sports leagues available among other things kids stay busy. I like to be involved with my children's education and I don't think that makes me controlling (and I don't think you sound controlling either!). Schools are just not doing the job anymore and to turn the other cheek is wrong. If you have the opportunity to home school I would definately look into, if not for now then maybe down the road when they get older. Education is on the wrong track and then you will at least be prepared.

    The people I know that were home schooled are perfectly normal. They did start and graduate college a bit early, but I don't think that is a bad thing. If I end up home schooling longer I will write another comment and let you know how it is going.

    Giid luck.



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